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CIAST or Center of Instructor and Advanced Skills Training is an agency which developed highly skilled TVET instructor in line with the needs of the country in empowering skills instructors in Malaysia. Since its inception in 1984 until now, CIAST has produced many instructors in various fields to cater for the needs of various skills training institutions. As an agency under Department of Skills Development (DSD), CIAST has been mandated in running courses and courses that lead to the development of highly skilled skills trainers. Among the major programs conducted is the Vocational Training Operation (VTO) course which uses NOSS I-031-3: 2014 (Vocational Training Operation).

It is a 9-month course, where 3 months is a teaching technique training in CIAST and 6 months is practical teaching training at Certified Centers organized by JPK. VTO course is divided into two categories; those who have not yet entered service (pre-service) and who are in service (in-service)

More information can be found at the following link:

Pre Service: Please refer to the menu: COURSE > LONG TERM > VTO

In Service : Please refer to the menu: COURSE > SHORT TERM > MODULAR

Furthermore, CIAST also offers curriculum development and learning materials courses such as DESCUM (NOSS) National Occupational Skills Standard Development Course, CUDBAS (Curriculum Development Based on Vocational Ability Structure) Basic Course and (WIM) Written Teaching Materials Development Course.

Please click link below for more information;

Please refer to the menu: COURSE > SHORT TERM > NOSS (DESCUM)

Please refer to the menu: COURSE > SHORT TERM > CUDBAS

Please refer to the menu: COURSE > SHORT TERM > WIM

CIAST has developed Malaysia TVET Instructor Competency Profile system called TVET Insructor eProfiling. It is a system where the information of TVET Instructor’s skills is been collected and consolidated to compare with the ability checklist to obtain trainer’s competency gap. The ability checklist is been produced using CUDBAS technique (Curriculum Development Based on Vocational Ability Structure). All TVET trainer in Malaysia are welcome to enroll in this system.

Please visit the following link for further information on eProfiling;
Please refer to the menu: PUBLIC > ONLINE APPLICATION > ePROFILING

Along with the latest developments in the Industry Revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0), CIAST also does not miss out on offering courses related to life-long skills and learning enhancements in fields such as Automotive, Electronic, Welding, Computer System, Networking, Mechatronic and Manufacturing. The list and information of the offered courses are available in the CIAST eKursus. Application can be made online through the system. Please refer to the menu: COURSE > SHORT TERM > MODULAR

There is much more information about CIAST’s activities and functions offered to those who are interested and involved in skills training and trainer development.

It is hoped that with this CIAST Portal, you will be able to recognize CIAST and get benefit from this portal.



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