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If you access the website, it is seen as acknowledgment and agreement that you are bound by the terms and conditions and with that, an agreement is formed between you as a client and us for access and/or use of this website.

These terms and conditions will override previous conditions that you had received or accessed through this website. Your use and/or access to this service is then regarded as acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Limitation of Liability 

You acknowledge and agree that we are not responsible for any form of losses, direct or indirect, that are related or specific, consequential or exemplary, including but not limited to losses in the form of profits, goodwill or other intangible losses resulting from: 

(1) use or inability to use the services; 

(2) cost of acquiring replacement goods and services following the purchase of goods,  data, information or services or messages received or transactions made through or from this website; 

(3) unauthorised access or alterations in your transmissions or your data;

(4) statements or actions of third parties on this website; or

(5) other related matters on this website.


We can provide links to other websites. Those websites are owned and maintained by third parties and as such, we have no control over them or their sources. You acknowledge and accept that we are not responsible for those external websites and sources and that we do not endorse as well as are not accountable for any content, advertisements, products or other matters that are provided on those websites and sources. You thereby acknowledge and agree that we are not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused by or believed to be caused by or related to the use of or dependence on the content, goods or services provided at or through the website or source.


We can terminate your access to any part of the service or the entire service and any related service at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice, with immediate effect. We can also terminate or suspend your inactive account, i.e. it is defined as failure to use the website services through the account for a certain period of time. You agree that we are not responsible to you or any third parties for the termination of access to those services.

Changes to the Conditions of Service

We have the right to make changes, modifications, cancellations or additions to these conditions at any time by giving prior notice. Notwithstanding this, in an emergency or for protecting the security of the website or in situations beyond our control, where it is deemed necessary to change, modify, cancel or add to these conditions, it will be carried out without giving you any prior notice. It is agreed that you will access and examine these conditions from time to time to know the current changes, modifications, cancellations or additions. You then agree and accept that continuous access and use of the conditions (that have been changed or modified from time to time) can be construed as indicating your acceptance of any change, modification, cancellation or addition to the conditions.

Modification of Service

We have the right to modify or terminate a service (or part of a service) whether temporarily or permanently at any time with or without notice. You agree that we are not responsible to you or any third party for any modification, suspension or termination of service.


Topics that are used in the conditions are only for reference and cannot be taken into account in the interpretation of the conditions.

If any of the provisions in the conditions are in violation of the law or illegal in the eyes of the law or any present or future regulations, the provision will be excluded and the conditions will be interpreted as if the provision that is illegal does not exist and those conditions with the other provisions will be enforced fully without being adversely affected by the provision that is in violation of the law or illegal.


CIAST is not responsible for any loss or damage incurred as a result of using information from this website.

Data Protection

Current technology including data encryption is used to protect data that is submitted and security standards are strictly adhered to in order to block access that is restricted.

Data Storage Security

All electronic storage and personal data transmissions will be protected and stored using appropriate technology.

Your privacy
This page will explain the privacy policy that encompasses the use and protection of information disclosed by visitors.

If you perform a transaction or send an e-mail that contains personal information, the information may be shared with other public agencies to assist in providing more efficient and effective services.  For example, to resolve a complaint, information from other agencies may be needed.

Information Collected

No personal information will be collected while you are surfing this website except for information that you submit through e-mail.

What will Happen if I Click on a Link to Another Website?

This website has links to other websites. The privacy policy applies to this website only.  It is vital to remember that websites in the links may have different privacy policies and visitors are advised to examine and understand the privacy policy for each and every website they visit.

Policy Amendments
If the privacy policy is amended, the amendment will be updated on this page. By frequently visiting this page, you will be updated on the information collected, ways in which it is used and, in certain situations, how the information is shared with other parties.