CUDBAS Short Course


CUDBAS is an abbreviation for "Curriculum Development Based on Vocational Ability Structure", is a systematic and structured way to help accelerate organizational management, especially human resources in solving competency problems to ensure smoother work processes.

CUDBAS is a tool to identify training needs and to identify the actual competence gap of a job, to facilitate the design and implementation of relevant and effective training for improving work competence.

CUDBAS provides a clearer perspective about job competencies based on knowledge, skills and attitudes of workers in performing their work.


Course Purpose:

To expose and train participants in practicing CUDBAS methods in order to develop job competencies hence creating systematic and relevant course planning and execution.

Course objective:

  1. To develop job competency
  2. To analyse the job competency
  3. To design training according to the needs of job competencies
  4. To develop training curriculum based on work competencies

How CUDBAS is implemented?

  1. Develop job competencies by field specialist workers.
  2. Obtain competency data through competency checklist.
  3. Analyse competency checklist from the competency data obtained
  4. Design & implement training programs based on the analysed competency results.
  5. Develop training curriculum based on competency analysis results.

Advantages of CUDBAS

  1. Development method is easy and entail a short period of time
  2. Extensive scope application for job assignment, assessment and planning exercise
  3. Can help in identifying work processes, reducing training costs, improving workers’ skill

  quality and help reduce mistakes in work.

Why attend CUDBAS course?

This course can enhance participants' knowledge and skills in developing job competencies, analysing job competencies, developing training curriculum, and also enhance effective training planning. CUDBAS can also assist organizations in identifying and streamlining work processes, reducing training costs and improving the quality of employee expertise and reducing waste production due to human error.

Who should attend?

  1. Manager / Human Resource Officer
  2. Training officer
  3. Instructors / coaches / lecturers

Course Date:

  1. 1- 4 April 2019 (Siri 1 dan 2)
  2. 22-25 April 2019 (Siri 3 dan 4)


  1. Pn. Sharida Binti Mohd. Sharif Tel: 603-55438266
  2. Tn. Hj. Azhar Bin Abidin Tel: 603-55438276
  3. Pn. Rogayah Binti Supian Tel: 603-55438275
  4. En Shamsumari Bin Johari Tel: 603-55438287


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