Internship Training allocates a specific period to TVET I interns to gain planned experience that is supervised by a Supervisor at the Accredited Center (PB) of Skills Development Department (JPK). The main objective of internship training  is to experience of implementing the Teaching and Learning (P&P) process at PB. The commitment and cooperation of PB in achieving this objective is highly expected so that the intern’s potential can be polished towards building the necessary skills comprehensively.

In this regard, PB that has been accredited by the Skills Development Department which offers the Malaysian Skills Certification program is invited to provide internship placements for TVET I CIAST students from Shah Alam Campus and Satellite Campus.

PB who are interested AND meet the requirements such as the criteria set for Internship Accredited Center & Supervisor, can apply by contacting the Internship Coordinator OR by completing the TVET I CIAST Intern Application Placement Form through the Sistem 3PPel System.

The following information is required for application purposes:

  1. SKM/DKM/DLKM Program Code & Name that has been commissioned and offered in PB
  2. Facilities offered to interns (if any):
    • Allowance (RM) per month
    • Hostel / rental house
    • Transportation
    • others (please state)
  3. The number of interns that can be placed in PB according to field

PB can also contact the CIAST Internship Coordinator of Shah Alam Campus and Satellite Campus (updated until July 2023):

CIAST, Shah Alam Pn. Nazariah binti Halid 03-55438200 (samb. 8233)
CSC ADTEC Bintulu En. Iskandar bin Kamarudin 086-316244
CSC-ADTEC Batu Pahat En. Mohd Rizal bin Ahmad@Manap 07-4285636
CSC-ADTEC Jerantut En. Abdul Hanif bin Ludin 019-3813981
CSC-ADTEC Melaka Dr Sariyah binti Adam 06-5520692
CSC-ADTEC Taiping Ts. Habibah Binti Yahaya 05-8957244
CSC-IKBN Kemasik En. Ismail bin Idris 09-8640073
CSC-IKBN Kuala Langat En. Idris bin Ismail 03-31803094
CSC-ILP Kepala Batas En. Sarizan bin Saaidon 04-5760586
CSC-ILP Kota Bharu En. Mohd Sukri Bin Musa 09-7718992
CSC-ILP Marang Pn. Fardila binti Azman Lingam 09-6189061
CSC-ILP Sandakan En. Azmi Rahman bin Mat Zuini 089-663681
CSC-ILP Selandar Pn. Surinah binti Siron 06-5303040
CSC-IPG Bandar Enstek Pn.Zalina Binti Zainudin 06-7979785
CSC-KPM Bukit Tangga Pn. Noor Azita binti Bakar 04-9221018 /


  1. Notification Letter PB
  2. Internship Visit Schedule for TVET I Sesi 3 2023
  3. Intern Checklist
  4. Accredited Center Criteria & Internship Supervisor
  5. Monthly Attendance Report