1/2010 Preparation of Handover Note
2/2010 Management of CIAST Employee Annual Leave
3/2010 Preparation of Employee Annual  Work Target and Annual Performance Assessment Report
4/2010 Procedure of  Direct Procurement / Service in CIAST
5/2010 Usage of Name Tag
6/2010 CIAST ICT Policy
7/2010 Procedure of Government Asset Management In CIAST
8/2010 Implementation of MyID For All System Application
9/2010 Guidelines on Action on the Support received for a government affair
10/2010  Job Rotation Policy of Skill Development Department
11/2010  Requirement of Substitute Officer During Holiday
 12/2010  Meeting Report
 13/2010  Out of Country Approval Regulation
 14/2010  Overtime Approval, Overtime Pay and Replacement Leave
 15/2010  Food Reservations procedure at CIAST
 16/2010  Monitoring of Maintenance By Zone
 17/2010  'Walkie Talkie' Usage While On Duty
 18/2010  CIAST Dormitory Policy (Cancel - Replace with AP 1/2023)
19/2010  Rules and Regulations of CIAST Dormitory (Cancel - Replace with AP 1/2023)
 20/2010  Monthly Employee Award Appreciation
 21/2010  Supervision Responsibility And Misconduct Report
 22/2010  Movement Document Slip Usage
 23/2010  Preparation of Meeting Minute
 24/2010  Outside Work Allowed
 25/2010  Racial Blend In Statement
 26/2010  Leave The Office In Working Hours Permission
 27/2010  Disposal of Asset Are Classified As Schedule Wast
 28/2010  CIAST Monthly Assembly
 29/2010  Vehicle Sticker Usage at CIAST
 30/2010  Implementation of e-Minute Application in CIAST
31/2010  Implementation of Attandance By using Electronic Time Recorder System (Fingerprint) (Cancel - Replace with AP 11/2011)